Andrea Clark-Sevilla

MS in Computer Science at Columbia University | MS in Data Science from University of Rochester | BA in Mathematics from Cornell University


I have extensive experience working with students, namely teaching math and computer
science. As an undergraduate, I volunteered as an outreach math tutor in the Lansing and
Ithaca school districts, helping middle and high school students with their assignments
during a designated study hour. As a graduate student, I became active in the computer
science community at my university and participated in the Women in Computing (WiC)
association. As a member, I was responsible for jump-starting a mentoring program
between undergraduate and graduate students in computer science and related fields. I
served as a mentor for several students and participated in the fun, bonding activities we
organized as part of the program.
I also have more formal teaching experience, serving as a teaching assistant for a required
course for the Data Science Master’s program, DSC 462: Computational Introduction to
Statistics. I was in charge of holding weekly office hours and grading the assignments of
twenty-two students.


  • Math
  • Statistics
  • ESL
  • AP preparation for Calculus, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.